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We are developing add-ons that make everyday life easier and serve a specific purpose. We have been officially active as EYY Studio since 2016.


Turkish Audio Books

Forget all the other audiobook apps.

EYY Studio Data Centers

High-speed world-wide data exchange. Everything has never been easier with EYY Studio.


Turkish Audiobooks

Forget all the other audiobook apps.

What Are We Doing?

What we do at EYY Studio.

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Our foundation also has to development.

Since the first year of the organization, we have been watching an ever more professional road map in mobile applications.

While we are developing the backend with the latest technology infrastructure, we are perfecting the front with our graphics team with professional experience.


Best frontend for very good backend services.

We support our excellent applications with the infrastructure that we have developed flawlessly. We are proud of doing so.

We keep our partnerships with Google and Plesk in our server infrastructure minimalist with the platforms. This allows us to connect a perfect server with the user.

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